donderdag 31 maart 2011

so - here i am

so here we are - so here I am. Writing a blog (we all write blogs) and living my life (we all live our lifes). What makes me special? I don't have a clue. Am I special? I don't know either. Do I need to be special? (We all want to be special). As you see - we allready have a lot in common (which makes us, then again, less special).

Anyway: I am fille (so-fille). I am fille and I write. I love writing. I also love dancing - and talking and dreaming and running around. I love sunshine - don't we all love sunshine? I love a lot. I might love you. I might fall in love with the next possible stranger that crosses my road on my way to the gym. That being said: I have to go. Oh! I almost forgot: I also love Paris.

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