woensdag 10 augustus 2011

back at work/back on track

I am happy again. Back at work, back on track. Life is good. I wear my shirt with pride and I smile quite often. I like my job. That's a first, or at least it has been a while since I tought about it that way. I eat strawberrycake for lunch and I work on files concerning green energy, the diamond industry, illegal immigrants - and I like it. It might be just for a while, and it has probably something to do with the fact that I am able to change. With that I mean, to change my job. I have a job interview at the end of next week, after that I leave for Copenhagen. Thank God I leave - again. I love leaving. Living, loving, leaving.

I'll see what I'll do. Or I stay, or I go. Should I stay or should I go? I actually think it's kind of funny. I am lucky. A very lucky girl. Where others have to fight and crawl to find a job that fits their need, I am in the position to choose. If I only liked choosing - whatever (smile). As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible (Mr. Nobody, 00:51).

I love my life and I love my little brother. He's back in town, after travelling for 6 months. I cried when he left, I smiled when he came back. I bought him a catapult, that tool you use to shoot people with rocks. He likes it. I missed him so much! Now things are back as before - we text, we meet, we laugh, we live. Last night we texted eachother at the same time, saying "check out the rainbow outside!" - isn't that funny. I am happy.

It's a bit cold at the office, but I love feeling the wind on my skin and having my window open. My heart is warm and filled with love, curiosity and joy. It's time to sail away, but in the same time it is time to enjoy the view on this mountaintop. Life goes fast. Things change easily. Life is good. For now, I feel fine.

the happiest girl in town

snapshot - Africa

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