woensdag 28 september 2011


I am sweet and young and cute, or at least, that is what people tell me. I could be a sixties icon, with my hair held up and my eyes perfectly painted (black). I could be, but I'm not. I'm a lawyer. A very young lawyer, an oldschool playmate. I want - it all. I want to fly, far above the world as we know it, I want to fall, deeper than you ever fell before. I want it all. Take me, try me, screw me, drug me, love me, hate me - as long as it's real, make it feel true. But please don't you ever, don't you never ever, leave me. I promise you, I'll be good, not as good as you, but at least as good as me, and even though I am difficult, I am also a lot of fun, so please my darling baby, don't you ever leave me. Love me, like me, be good and be bad, be you, be young and free, be careless as a bee, fly high in the sky and be my favourite guy, above all, be real, be my oh my sweet deal, be true, be free, and for tonight: please dance with me.

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