dinsdag 22 november 2011

el bocado

Last night, we went to a pub (El Bocado, in Hasselt). We drunk cervezas and wine, coffee and lemonade. We talked for hours and hours about life and love, living and leaving.

One of us is going to London for a few days. She works as an architect at PCP Architects, creating buildings, houses and firms in a delicate, determinate style. Another one of us works as a reporter, but she recently lost her job. Times are changing, firms size down and money matters more than ever. Life isn't always as easy as we imagined it to be - we grow up. Fast. We become older and wizer, better and stronger. We invent, create, explore and explain. We travel. We write and read, we run and fall down. We stand up, straight. We go forth. We learn from our mistakes and we accept what fate's unfolding. We grow. More than ever, we grow. Harder, better, faster, stronger. We move forth. Together.

My friends are my world.

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