woensdag 29 februari 2012

10 things

I will let you go if I have to. I will. I will remember how lovely you are, how sweet we were. I will remember all good things, and probably forget the bad. I will cry. I will cry like a baby and get back on my feet. I will fall. I will stumble and fall, but stand up straight too. I will remember you, for ever. Our story isn't over yet.


1. DO NOT LOOSE YOURSELF. You might loose him.

2. DO NOT PLAY GAMES. He's better at it anyway.

3. DON'T GET TOO EMOTIONAL. It doesn't always matter what you feel, what matters most is what is real.

4. DO NOT ARGUE. But if you do, make up.

5. DO NOT BLAME HIM FOR EVERYTHING. Aks yourself: Is it really him, or ar am I just being a bitch?

6. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. It makes life easier, for him as well as for you.

7. LET HIM SLEEP IF HE'S TIRED. He won't be happy either way. 

8. LET HIM GO IF HE WANTS TO GO. Give him some space, you might need it too.

9. DON'T THINK IN HIS PLACE. He will have to learn that anyway, someday.

10. DON'T EVEN TRY TO CHANGE HIM. It won't work out anyway.

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