maandag 27 februari 2012

i need

I need to be saved, but there is noone left to save me. I guess I should save myself, I'm a grown-up now. Grown-ups can take care of things, they move forth. I feel lost and confused, tiny and small. Why do I always write when I am feeling sad? It doesn't stop me from fading, it doesn't catch me if I fall. As much as I try to keep track of things, I don't seem to succeed. I walk around in circles, trying to find my way back home. It's a hard one this time, and I am not used to failure. Anytime, always, if I try real hard, I succeed. Today, things seem different. No matter how hard I try or how much effort I put into it, things don't always work out as I had planned them to be. I fall behind. Behind logic, reason, passion and sense. Maybe I am just not trying hard enough?

Life goes on, quickly. Days go by, hours pass. Another day at the office, another night to forget. I feel restless and reckless, dazzled and done. I need something new, something fresh, something else, something sweet. Maybe most of all, somewhere else than here. I need to get out, run from all that matters, or that seems to matter so much right now. Anyway - I can't. I can't run, I can't hide, I can only go forth. That's about the only thing that I am sure of right now.

I guess we all feel lost, sometimes.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll find my way - home (Stereophonics). 

(song starts at 1:30)

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