dinsdag 13 maart 2012

how i grew from small to tall

(in just a little minute)

I woke up early,
birds singing in the sky
I drove to work,
didn't even ask why
the sun was shining, the sky clear blue
I didn't even think about being with you
I felt happy and blank, shiny and bright
I saw nothing but stars
in the morninglight

Life is like a blanket,
sometimes smooth, sometimes grey
Life is like a boat, on an endless summerday
Life is like a story, a million times told
Life is an adventure, feeling young while growing old

And so passes each day
heading slowly for the start
of another new day
creating life, love and art

Sailing slowly
(but decisive)
Going forth
(looking behind)

So I grew
in just a little minute
into another

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