zondag 10 juni 2012

these days

What I've learned the most, is that life is not to be planned. For days, I've been running around like a fool, trying to organize my stay in Nashville, finishing my work, managing my agenda. It just doens't work out. Every single day, something new surprises me and makes the pile of work to be done even larger. Not only visa and health forms are required, but also immunization papers, financial statements, transcript verifications and student information. It is an endless road of regularisation, and it is not quite over yet. Still, I am happy. I have made it this far, I have moved across myself and I am writing my own history. That makes me feel good, relieved and free.

One big worry though: finding an apartment. After days and days of posting ads, reading ads, reacting on ads and sending emails to who-ever rents an apartment, in a reasonable price-range, preferably close to the law school, I still haven't found anything. It is difficult to find an apartment on the Internet, to be in time to react and to impress the landlord. I'm sure that, if I was there, I would be able to fix things with an American smile and a firm handshake. Doing business seems far more easy face-to-face, negotiating the terms, closing the deal. Still, I hang on. For now, I still have one option open, in a typical American avenue, on 19th Avenue South. Thumbs up for me!

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