vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

daddy's girl

My daddy is my hero. I might build a statute for him, one day.

He left this morning, in a cab, to the airport. Now, it's up to me. Again, that is. I have been here a few days by myself, before he stopped by to help me settle. To say hello, and wave goodbye. He did help me a lot. He helped me choosing a bike, building my desk, my bookshelf and our table. It was so nice to have him around, those first few days. We had dinner in a lot of places, we walked through the city, we bought cervezas and watched the Olympics. Almost every evening, we went downtown, for more beers, live music, icecream and chips. We did have some fun, my daddy and me.

At this time, he will be landing in Philadelphia. Later on, he's going home. I better start making some new friends, before I start missing him too much. No, I will be fine. It will all be fine. I have friendstime on the menu for tonight, and tomorrow, and on Monday, school starts. It will be fine. Breathe in, breathe out - life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. I think it's time for some laundry, now.

I'm a daddy's girl.


By Parker Fitzgerald

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