zondag 5 augustus 2012

Nashville, TN

I like this town.

First, I thought it was like a desert. Hot, sweaty, humide and dry. With temperatures around 35-40° degrees, people stay most of the time inside. In an airconditioned room, ready for take off and landing. Streets are empty. You do see a lot of cars, but I don't have one myself. Nothing else to do than to walk those empty streets, to the law school, the library, the bank, and back. I managed to open a bank account, I ordered a new cellphone and I already took care of some admission papers. Today, it is sunday. I decided for myself that it's time to rest.

Yesterday, I had dinner at Jacksons Bar & Bistro in Hillsboro Village. The food was amazing, and I must admit, that's a first in the United States. Apart from the casual burger and steak, I most of the time agreed with a downtown salad. This time, almost everything on the menu seemed sophisticated, refined and healthy. I'll definitly go there more often.

My roommate, Yesenia, is sweet and sunny. She's 5 months pregnant and thus expecting for November, around Thanksgiving. I'm curious what it'll be like, having a baby in our house. Eventually, it'll all fall into place, and for now, it is very nice living together. Our apartment has wooden floors, white walls and roman blinds instead of curtains. It has a light, cool atmosphere and the airconditioning is working perfectly. Later on today, I'll go to the mall, to buy some extra furniture and coocking stuff. I hope I'll find everything I need.

I already ordered a desk and a chair on the Internet (www.wallmart.com) and I'm hesitating to buy some clothes as well. With the heat, all possible shirts and dresses seem awfully warm, but then again, going outside almost naked is no option either. I'd better save my money for all necessary items I still have to buy, and that is actually, a lot.

That's it for now. Have a nice day, talk to you soon. Take care. I'm sure I will do too. 

Country Boys

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