zondag 12 augustus 2012

rollercoaster favourite ride

Sunday in Nashville. I woke up at nine with only one thing on my mind: I have to read those pages for Life of the Law, my first class tomorrow. It is now nine PM and I still haven't read a page. I did do a whole lot more: I got lost during jogging, I did my laundry, and I found my way back home.

About everything that could go wrong, went wrong today. I received my bike - I had ordered it online - but apparently, it came in pieces. I received two wheels, a lot of iron, a steering wheel and brakes. For about 4 hours, I tried to put the thing together. I failed. Luckily, a friend stopped by and helped me figure most things out. Still, my bike is a try-out version of what it should be - whatever that may be. It is blue, big, stupid and girly. Tonight, or maybe tomorrow, I will try to uninstall all elements and put it back into its box. Then, I have to find someone who can drive me to the store, so I can return it. I want my money back. After that, I will look for a cheap, boyish, second hand bike. Then, everything will be fine.

After I did, or did not fix my bike, I went for a run. I kept on running through the streets of Nashville, emptying my mind with a sweet and sunny smile. After all, the weather was great today: sunny and cloudy, just the way I like it. Then, I got lost. It didn't even matter - eventually, I found my way back home. So after being lost, I was happy to be found. I took a shower and I felt reborn, ready for my next stop: the laundry mat. I took my laundry basket, my purse, and my reading assignment for school. I opened our door, ready to take off, when I remembered that I had to take my coins. Coins: quarters you need to pay for the laundry. I did need a lot of them, so I had been saving them during the week. I took my coins, headed outside, but when I closed the door, a cat sneaked into our house - a black one, sweet and stubbern. I chased her, I called her names, I did even try to push her out of the house. Unfortunatly, she did not leave. So I decided that it was my turn to leave. I took my basket, I took my coins, and I left for the laundry mat.

Once I arrived, I realized that I had forgotten my purse - that is, my cellphone, my reading assignment, my candy (I always take candy with me if I go doing boring things) and my books. Luckily, I had my coins, so I filled up the machine, and got my laundry rolling. 

So there I sat and I waited, while my laundry was getting done. A random guy - a musician - started talking to me, the usual, "are you new in town?". In Nashville, everyone is a musician. If you want to figure out what people really do, you should ask them, "what do you do for a living?". Then, they appear to be truck drivers, delivery boys, consultants or "looking-for-a-job". Life's a funny thing, but I must admit that they are right: you are what you are, and you do what you do. I mean: you do what you do for a living, but apart from that, you can be anything else - a musician, a writer, an artist or a star. In Nashville, it all makes perfectly sense.

I might become a writer too, one day, so I can write instead of read, and do whatever I feel like doing. 

After laundry, I got home. I cooked, I wrote, I read my assignment and I uninstalled my bike. Now, it is after midnight, and tomorrow, I have to get up early for my first day of school at Vanderbilt University. I'm curious what it will be like, but I am quite sure it will be fine.

I wonder what happened to the cat, though. She must have let herself out.

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