zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

12:15 PM

Nashville Airport, Starbucks Coffee. "One small Spicy Bowl Thai Salad, and a bagel, please". Hungry. "Oh, and a diet coke, I forgot". Jazz music playing, fading red light. Finally - rest. It's been a long day. I finished my Legal Writing assignment at midnight, I packed my bags for New York this morning. My plane is leaving in an hour. I have 20 minutes of free Internet access. No stress. (Wow, this   pasta is really spicy). 

Life is going pretty fast these days. After two months of dreaming, dwelling, dancing in the moonlight, it's time to make some choices. Finally, that is, and again, that is too. I am thinking of staying in the U.S. a little while longer. Plenty of opportunities, and a handful of dreams to fulfill. I did figure some things out: no matter how much I love to write, blog, to paint and take pictures, for now, I am a lawyer. And for the next few years, that's what I will probably be. And actually, that’s OK. I have plenty of room left to use the right side of my brain, to be creative, inventive, artistic and free. 

Writing is what happens automatically. It's what I do when I feel like it, when I have time left, or when I wake up in the morning quite early. It makes me feel calm, at ease, and very often, it makes me smile. I might share what I write because it makes me feel less lonely. Even though I am most of the time surrounded by people I truly enjoy, life can get lonely from time to time. At first, I thought loneliness was an illusion. Now, I realize that it is part of the deal. When travelling, moving, living and learning, one can get lonely living their dreams. And I must admit that I sometimes miss the strangers that I meet along the way. 

My flight is delayed, my battery is low. I am looking forward to closing my eyes while the plane takes off, feeling tickles in my tummy and a buzz in my ears. It’s not that I really enjoy the buzz, but I do like the feeling of rising up into the air, flying high upon the sky. I sometimes think that's what it is all about. And of course, all discoveries along the way are a pretty nice side effect too. 

Airplane shot, Washington DC

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