donderdag 25 oktober 2012


I sometimes wish there was someone sitting on my doorstep with a big box of ice cream and a friendly smile. So I could tell all my stories about life, love and school and the movies I saw and the times I went to bed early but I couldn’t fall asleep. I sometimes wish I could wake someone at midnight to hold, hide or seek, or to talk about my dreams. I wish I could tell someone that I did great on my test and that I am being published in a magazine. I sometimes wish I wasn’t living in another time zone, so I could talk to my hometown friends when I get home from school. I sometimes wish it was raining in Nashville, so I could hide under my umbrella and try out some tears. I sometimes long for someone who cares, someone to listen to instead of talking.

This doesn’t mean that I am not happy – on the contrary, I'm feeling fine. It’s another kind of happy – a steady one, that kind of happy that might stick. I feel calm and at ease, I feel completely – me. Living in Nashville is one of the best things that ever happened to me – un voyage vers la lune, at the right time, the right place. I think back of the past and I am grateful for what I’ve got - I am moving forward towards my future with a sweet and steady smile.

And so we move forth, looking back, falling behind – and so I grew (in just a little minute) into another human kind.

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