donderdag 25 oktober 2012

one day

I sometimes wonder what it's all about. I just had my first shoot on campus, for the Vanderbilt Lawyer Magazine. Actually, I could only think of what life would be if it was me holding the camera, if it was me being the designer on set. She gave me her card, saying "Assistant Art Director, Creative Services". I felt as if I was being a model for someone that is actually not me - the bright kid, that smart girl, you've probably seen here around. For a moment, I was lost. Then, I started smiling as they asked me to, I put my hair in the right direction, and I gave them the face they were looking for. It wasn't that hard - it just didn't feel right. I think back of the days of modeling for make-up friends, clothing stores, fun-time friends. I think back of the Tee-shirt contest a friend of mine won, with my foolish birdy face on the picture. How life is what you make of it, how you are who you present to others. It's funny, isn't it? I might not become a lawyer after all, or at least not forever. I might have to do it my way, one day. (One day baby we'll be old, and think about the stories that we could have told). Maybe the main question is: how do I make money out of being me? Let me figure that one out, and come back to you soon. Have a good day.

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