vrijdag 11 januari 2013

so smile

I feel a fool, falling head over heels for a guy I hardly knew. Lesson learned, that’s for sure. Don’t make up stories in your mind, unless you have proof they are happening for real. One big advantage though: I do know where I stand, and more importantly, where I am not. That makes moving forward a whole lot easier. I'm sure I will forget about it soon, while time moves smoothly forward. Still, there’s a lesson to be learned: keep your feet on the ground, keep your eyes on the prize. I’m quite little, so I start flying quite easily, with my head up in the clouds and my heart bumping faster. Although I love to use those feelings to write, paint or picture my pink perfect dreams, it doesn’t necessarily match with reality, for sure. I might not even move anywhere anymore: it’s time to let love happen, when or wherever that might be. I may continue to dream, dazzle and drink red wine on my woven carpet, while life slowly unfolds whatever faith there might be. Let’s toast to that, tonight, while staying young and slightly foolish in the street city light. Nashville, let’s go.

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