zondag 10 februari 2013

des navires

So I met this guy and he makes me feel good. I don’t know him, yet, or at least not that well. What matters most, is that he makes me feel safe. He believes in my dreams and encourages me to go through with it. He has a feel for books, music and culture. That, I like. He has a feel for travelling, sailing the sea across stormy waters. He reminds me of my father – or at least, I think he does. And, if I remember it correctly, he is very attractive. I remember him standing at the bar on the second evening we met. I could have gone up to him freely, deliberately, seduced him with whatever words were on my mind. I did not. He came up to me. That, I like too. I am hurt. We’re all hurt. We’re all hurt by life, love, maybe mostly by living. I’m happy he took the chance to meet with me, to maybe become what I might need the most: my love.

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