donderdag 14 maart 2013

blue sky

It is not easy, but I'm improving every day. I am still very tired, less productive and distracted, but I do manage to get some work done. I can pay attention in class, at least for half an hour and I do remember better whatever one has said. I remember details, again. Numbers, hours, places and people. I see less of the bigger picture, but I do remember the inside story. 

It’s probably most of all a matter of time. Time, work, discipline and attention. I have slept for 4 hours, but I did get up at 7 for my 8 AM class. I should be easy on myself, take it day by day. I still have months to prepare before I have to be on top-speed, again. For now, I'm fine. I’m feeling better every day, regaining attention, happiness, love and friendship. The sky is blue. Life, I’m loving it.


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