zaterdag 23 maart 2013

life happens

Some things hurt and some things will never be the same. I want to have a baby. One, two, three. I want to have a baby and take care of it with all my heart and be a mom, a cute young mom with loads of time and responsibility and love, most of all love, to give and take.
I used to believe in fairy tales. Then, I learned that life goes differently. Things happen. Life happens. Now, I start to dream again. I feel so different than before. I feel so loaded, plainly loved and loaded, I feel like conquering the world with my two small hands, arm-with apart. I feel like loving, caring, inspiring, while being inspired by all that’s happening in front of me.
Life happens. But I do believe I make things happen, too. Maybe most of all: we do. We make things happen, in our own fashionable way.
I don’t even need to conquer the world, anymore. I want to be a mom, not yet a wife but a decent, high-level girlfriend, I need to learn how to cook (better) and how to live stress-free, so I can give all that’s left to those who surround me. I think that would be a pretty good deal. I might need to ask my boyfriend whether he’s up for that. I’m quite sure he is. I think we will conquer the world on our own terms, one day. It might be true: the best is yet to come.

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