dinsdag 30 april 2013

my list

What I am going to miss the most after my stay in America:

1)  Time
2)  Whole-grain bagels
3)  Lunch breaks in the sun
4)  Again, time
5)  Yoga with Taunia, my favorite teacher
6)  Fresh soups & salads at Panera Bread
7)  Southern hospitality 
(from “How do you do”, to “Aren’t you the sweetest”, 
to “How cute do you look today?”)
8)  Random conversation
9)  Sunshine (is a friend of mine)
10) Structure and sports
11) Time to think, talk & write
12) Skype
13) Speaking in another language 
(luckily, my brand new boyfriend speaks French)
14) Birds, squirrels and huge trees
15) Belcourt Theatre (remember: Sugar Man, A Late Quartet
From Up on Poppy Hill, Annie Hall)
16) Travelling among States 
(I love to take a plane from time to time)
17) New York 
(I love to stop by New York, from time to time)
18) International friends that feel as if you’ve known them forever 
(Daniela. Kate. Derek. Dashiell. Josh. Caroline. Claudi. Maria. Sina. Dimitri, Una and Ani. Marina, Scott & Sean.)
19) The Lebanese in New Orleans
20) My apartment. 

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