woensdag 19 maart 2014

baby Maeli

Today, I got the most wonderful message I could ever receive – a new baby is born, and not just any baby, my sweet little cousin – my godchild is born, her name is Maeli, live from Peru, shining and shimmering. I feel so proud, so excited, so relieved and free. How wonderful it is to have this new bright person in our family, how sweet it is to feel the warmth and happiness that accompanies her birth. Now already, she makes everyone smiles. All little steps are fine-tuned and followed. Tonight, we will have our first Skype date. I wonder, now already, what she will be like, who she will become, while life slowly unfolds whatever faith there might be. One thing is for sure: she is in good hands. She will be loved, cherished, held and supported her whole life through. And I feel so grateful to be, by blood, and to become, by effort, a part of her story.
Lots of love,

A newbie godmother

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