woensdag 2 april 2014

rooftop ride

Last Sunday,

I met my college girlfriends on a rooftop terrace in Antwerp. While eating pancakes and drinking tea, we discussed the topics that caught us up lately. For some of us, it is time for children. For others, it is the combination of work and life that matters most. Be it new shoes, handbags, sporting habits or books to read, we discussed it all. All in the interest of love, mutual understanding, finding a life scheme that fits us best. We are all balancing interests, trying to be the best lawyer, teacher, yogi or lover. Slowly but steady, we define ourselves by little steps in the right direction. Actually, we’re all doing great. So here are some of the tips and tricks we shared:

To read: “The power of vulnerability” by B. Brown. Also, check her TED talk on the matter

The Age of Absurdity” by M. Foley

Try the mindfulness Headspace App on your iPhone, on the go or before bedtime

Yoga works for all of us: the more you rock the mat, the better it gets

So share your stories and support your friends: by doing so, life gets a little bit lighter.

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