zaterdag 24 mei 2014

I love you so

Let's get things straight. Some things need to change. I, for that matter. And my job, too.

dinsdag 20 mei 2014


I have to let go. Slowly.

I'm in Peru, visiting my brother and his wife and their new born baby, Maeli. We are ten: my mom & dad, my little brother, my older brother & his wife, my aunt & uncle, my niece and me. And little baby Maeli, of course. All together reunited for love, good laughs, memories and more. Every day conversation unfolds, stories are told, different food is tasted. I feel so lucky to be part of this group, to take part in our history, to go on this trip, together. A short overview of our trip:
On Friday night, we arrived in Lima. After several Pisco Sour's in our hotel bar, we fell asleep while the party continued outdoors. At midnight, I woke up - jetlag. In the morning, I taught my little brother how to do yoga in a hotel room. After breakfast, we moved on to our next destination, Huaraz. Finally, after a happy but bumpy ride, we met my older brother with his fresh field family. All together, we had dinner. For the first time, I held my godchild in my arms - of course, she is as wonderful as I imagined. All together, it all made sense.
After several days in Huaraz, we moved on to Trujillo. Another colorful destination at the seaside of Peru. We went out for dinner, the boys went surfing, we ate ceviche at Big Ben and drunk cocktails at the pool. Also, we visited Chan Chan, the largest pre-Columbian city in South America. Our guide was sweet and so was the weather, the people and circumstances. I bought a postcard for my boyfriend, I'm curious when it will arrive.
Our last days we spent in the apartment of my brother in Lima. On our list: family breakfasts, long walks along the shore, Miraflores, a visit to the neighborhood Barranca and last, but not least, paraponting over the cliffs of Lima. Our last night out, we had dinner in the 15th best restaurant of the world, Central. We took an 8 course trip through Peru in different flavors, food and drinks. I must admit - the food was as good as the company. And even though little baby Maeli slept her way throughout the dinner, it was stunning to see her so peaceful in her mothers arms.

How lovely it was to spend time with my family, and most of all Maeli, my far-away sweetheart. Now already, I’m curious to what she will look like, be like and smell like, the next time I see her. Luckily, it won’t be that long – another month to count down, and she will visit Belgium too.
After another 15 hour flight, I arrived safely back home in Brussels. My boyfriend picked me up at the airport, and after a quick shower, we had dinner at Max, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. For the first time, I told him how much I missed him, and how I couldn’t imagine life without him. I’m not a romantic, but I’d love to be his girl. For once and for all – for the future.