donderdag 12 juni 2014

I read

Suddenly I’m bumping into all sorts of good material. First, the Jim Carrey Commencement Speech. Choose love, not fear. He might must be right. Then, the Al Pacino pep talk “Inch by Inch” from Any Given Sunday. If life is like football, I should definitely follow the 2014 World Cup. Now, I just finished reading “the Crossroads of Should and Must”. For more information, check out #LITG or “Living in the Grey”. I found this website of Sheryl Sandberg, titled Lean in, on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do. Lastly, if you are job hunting, check out this helpful tool 

It is almost as if the Universe is sending me little indications of what to do next, where to go from here. It is wonderful.

I already have a pile of books to read in my Amazon shopping bag. Now I only have to find the time to read them.

I admit: this is only the top of the iceberg. In the meantime, I finish my readings for the Yoga teacher training, continue my daily practice, and dive as deep as possible into the teachings of Ayurveda and the Bhagavad Gita. And – do my daytime job, of course. How about you – did you find any motivational speeches or lessons to learn for a far-away future? If so, do tell. For now, my list is open to suggestions (smile).

vrijdag 6 juni 2014


I cry. I laugh. I fall. I change. I get up – straight. Tummy in, throat locked, tailbone under. I try – I fail. I try harder – for a minute, I almost fly. Then, I fall down again. I flex, stretch and twist – I get up again. Over and over again. That’s yoga. That might be the most beautiful part of yoga.
All is possible within the field of yoga. No matter how deep, grungy or joyful the emotion, in practice it all comes down to the flow, the breathing, the focus of your mind. It is a journey within. It is a landscape full of stars. It is harsh, from time to time. It is healing.
I might not be perfect. I’m not perfect at all. I try to give the best I have, day after day, in my practice and in my relation with the other students. Oh, they are wonderful – all of them. How they shine, strive, seek and find what they are looking for, on and off the mat. Hairs get cut, expressions change. A glow in our eyes reveals the beauty we found within.
I learn – so many things. New things, fabulous things, most of all – truth. I already made a list of mantras for the summer. I try to stick by them. My favorite, for the moment: have faith, instead of fear. And be patient – life will give you what you need. And also – the more you give, the more you receive. My list is long and so are my days. I hang on there. I stretch, stand, stumble – and I hang on there.
I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the opportunity life has given me, and for the people who encourage me. Thank you for that.
I might end with a quote from Tanya, a fellow teacher in training and soon to be mom: “The journey is the perfect metaphor for life. A yoga practice is a type of journey – it is a return ticket to the inside. You start, go in, go deeper, then you have to take care to return”.